While at a hotel this weekend, I observed people making use of the many different amenities.  Of course the teens were loving the free wi-fi. The little ones were splashing happily in the pool.  The grownups liked the coffee bar.  If you’ve ever looked online for accommodation, you know you can search by whatever feature is most important to you.

For my sister and her family, it’s the breakfast buffet which is a “must-have.”  As someone who drinks tea throughout the day, I’m a fan of the complimentary hot beverages in the lobby. If in a city,  I also like convenience to mass transit so I can spend more time enjoying and less time travelling.

What are your “requirements” for travelling.  Do you like your hotel to have a workout room, business center, premium movie channels, free parking, pool, or turn-down service with chocolates left on the pillow?  Please share your travel must-haves in the Comments section below.