The Fall TV season is underway, with the usual slate of new shows, and there are already some that are standing out. Both in the good way and the bad way.

Here's my list of early winners and losers:

As a "Lost" fan, I have high hopes for "Revolution" from the "what's really going on here?" standpoint. We're two episodes in and so far it's holding my attention. Of course the problem with these "mythology" shows is, if they don't hold ratings they'll get canceled and we'll never end up finding out what it's all about (see the "V" remake and "The Event" for perfect examples).

"The New Normal"
This is another one that I had high hopes for (notice this time I use the past tense, "had"). Only a few episodes in and I've found it to fall into the trap that creator Ryan Murphy seems to have fallen into with "Glee" - it does nothing but perpetuate stereotypes and it borders on crass (and I'm no prude). The concept is admirable, a male couple desperately wants a child so they enlist a single mother surrogate to carry their baby. It wants to be another "Modern Family", but ends up coming out flat, predictable, and offensive.

"The Neighbors"
Two words - "The Pitts". I give it three most.


A couple weeks into the new TV season, what shows have stood out to you at this point as either the best or worst? Tell us in the comments section!