This past weekend I drove out to the Philadelphia suburbs to celebrate my niece's first birthday. The way that my GPS took me brought me literally right through the middle of Valley Forge National Historical Park.

As my head was on a swivel admiring the scenery I realized something, I've never been to Valley Forge.

If you think about it, it should have been an obvious day trip at some point in my life.

I grew up in Central NJ, but none of my classes ever went there for a field trip. And in my years in Ocean County, I just never really thought to take the short drive out there.

But having pretty much ended up there by accident this past weekend, I'm definitely going to make a point to get myself out there and explore one of the many nearby day trip worthy destinations.

What are some day trip destinations that you've never been to but would like to go? Comment below and let us know!


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