My TV has pretty much been tuned to NBC since the Olympics started.  So when I turned the power on yesterday, the synchronized swimming competition was getting underway.  One look and I was hooked.  It seems like a blend of gymnastics, ballet, aerobics, and of course swimming.  How can they be upside down under water like that and not inhale a bunch of water?  How can they be so strong and powerful yet graceful at the same time?  How can they all stay in sync with each other and the music?  I was really impressed!

Doing a little reading, I learned that all that athleticism needs to be done without them touching the bottom of the pool.  They can't push off the floor so that means they have to tread and kick and flutter their hands to keep afloat.  Can you imagine how hard this must be?

I enjoyed how theatrical it all was.  The women use sweeping hand gestures and show lots of emotion on their faces, all while keeping time to the music and making these beautiful formations with their bodies.

Do you like to watch Synchronized Swimming?  Or do you think it's a little goofy?