TRENTON - Professionals in the US military would have an easier time preventing lapses in their licenses, certifications or registrations when they return, under a measure drafted by State Senator Sean Kean. The Shore Republican's bill would allow boards to exempt certain military members from fees, continuing education and competency requirements for the time they're in service.

MANCHESTER - A roadside pullover by Manchester Police in the middle of the night ends with a Lakehurst 19-year-old facing drug possession counts. Police say they stopped Richard Erving for a traffic violation on Route 37 just before 1:30AM Wednesday. officers say the car contained less than 50 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Erving was released to await a municipal court date.

WASHINGTON D.C. - Just a reminder. The emergency alert system will be tested today nationwide. All u-s radio and television stations will take part starting at 2 p.m. for thirty seconds. It's only a test.

OLD BRIDGE - Cleanup progress at two Superfund sites in Old Bridge get a once-over this morning by Shore Congressman Rush Holt and Regional Administrator Judith Enck of the Environmental Protection Agency. At the Evor-Philips and CPS Madison sites, Holt will lobby to return cost responsibilities to polluters. He says that congressional Republicans are blocking the effort- heaping the responsibility on taxpayers and a financially-strapped EPA.