Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life, and for many it is. One of the best parts is that when the vows are exchanged and the party has ended, the photos endure.

Wedding photographers usually take hundreds of photos, and the bride and groom are then allowed to pick from the proofs for their final album. That's what Todd Remis and his new wife Milena did in 2003 when they were married in New York.

However, as the New York Times reports, it's now 8 years later and Todd has just decided that the wedding photographers missed important moments (the last dance, the bouquet being thrown, etc). He not only wants his money back, but he wants the photography studio to pony up nearly $50,000 to literally recreate the wedding so those key moments can be recaptured exactly the way they originally were.

There's only one problem....Todd and Milena separated in 2009, subsequently divorced, and the bride has since moved back to her native Latvia.

Too strange to believe? Check out the NY Times story for more.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a wedding photographer, videographer, or even DJ or caterer?