I was a late bloomer when it came to reading.  With so much reading required for school, I never felt the desire to open a book for pleasure.  Then with adulthood came deadlines and stresses and pressures so I would choose to spend my downtime in other ways:  watching TV or listening to music or talking to friends.  Thankfully something has shifted and I’m now very much someone who enjoys reading.  I’ve been through more books these past few years than in the 40 previous years.  Some favorites are:

"Quiet:" about Introverts, "Serve To Be Great:" a book about showing compassion in the business world, "Heads In Beds:" an interesting look inside the hotel industry; and "Committed:" about the institution of marriage by Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote "Eat, Pray, Love."

My beach getaway this weekend will have me lounging on the deck, listening to the ocean while I flip lots of pages of my latest read (the topic of which I’ll keep secret as it's worthy of its own blog post soon.)

If you’re a fan of reading, you might want to consider some of these ways to mark National Book Lover’s Day, which happens to be today:


Which of these tips most appeals to you?