A precautionary boil advisory remains in effect for United Water Toms River customers on 17 streets and structures in a Toms River neighborhood bordering Route 70 and Whitesville Road, following repairs to a ruptured main.

Pressure returned earlier today for the roughly 450 affected consumers, says spokesperson Jane Kunka. Repairs lasted through the night after a utility contractor broke through the conduit.

The advisory applies to residents and workers in and around Anvil, Aviary, Calm, Cozy, Edgeweood, Fireside, Floral, Hearth, Mantle, Nature, Nocturn, Peaceful, Quiet, Serene and Warner, as well as 220 and 232 Route 70.

Company officials recommend boiling water for a minute before drinking, cooking, baking, washing food, freezing for ice cubes, mixing baby formula, baby food, juices or drinks, and feeding pets. No boiling is needed for showering or washing dishes or clothes.

Water samples are being forwarded to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for evaluation, which takes 24 to 48 hours. At that point, the company can decide whether to continue or end the advisory.

See more about the situation at the United Water Toms River web site.