There are really no words that can be used to sum up what the Jersey Shore has been through over the last few days from the time we realized that our worst fears were about to become a reality. 

Joey Harrison Surf Club after Sandy (Facebook via Jersey Shore Hurricane News)

For years we have been like the boy who cried wolf as predicted storms ended up south, north or out to sea.  Each time it would result in people almost laughing off the idea that one day they’d be watching meteorologists from The Weather Channel reporting live as the big one touched down in our backyard.  Nobody is laughing this morning.

One year to the day of the famed Halloween snowstorm, Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy delivered a ferocious blow to our heart and soul and it will be some time before we know the total impact of her fury.  Many if not most of us don’t have power and have no idea when it will be restored.  That’s an inconvenience but nothing compared to what others have suffered in property damage due to high winds and flooding.

Driving to work this morning at 3am was like trying to navigate a mine field as trees are down everywhere, debris are in the streets and there are dangling power lines.  It’s pretty clear that if you don’t have to go out yet you should stay at home because while the worst of the storm is over, travel will not be normal for some time.

Like many of you I spent a good portion of the day glued to the TV & radio, at least until power went out.  At times it was almost laughable to watch reporters, searching for different angles, interviewing those that did not follow advice and orders to stay out of areas along the shore.  Some of these people insisted that this was just another storm that would not pan out and they were staying in their homes.  Have to wonder if some of them felt a bit differently later as water levels rose and the full force of the storm came crashing down.

The Bubble at Toms River Intermediate East after collapsing during Sandy. (Townsquare Media NJ)

The bottom line is everyone will judge Sandy based on their personal situation.  If you didn’t suffer major losses than this morning you’re breathing a huge sigh of relief.  However you will also learn that many will be dealing with a monumental cleanup along the coast from Long Beach Island to Point Pleasant.  Homes have been lost and lives will be altered in some cases forever.  One thing is for sure…the big one didn’t miss us this time.