It is both a happy time and a nervous time as we watch our children grow up

It seems like it was a long time ago that Zach began driving , in fact I don't even give it a second thought when he's driving to college or work .... although I may get lil anxious if he's out late driving. Now we have our youngest, Erin, beginning her journey to independence as she starts to drive. It's kind of a slap of reality that the "baby" of the family is behind the wheel and setting out to see the world. In fact all her friends are doing it and when I see these kids driving around the neighborhood it's a little surreal... seems like just yesterday they were all out waiting for the bus to go to grade school. For Grandparents it must really seem strange when these little babies pick them up to take them shopping !

Now that I'm a "driving teacher" again one thing I do want to say to other motorists is that these kids are nervous and last thing they need are experienced drivers giving them a hard time on the roads. If you see a young driver with Mom or Dad in the passenger seat give them a break don't tailgate if they are a little slow or are a bit indecisive .... give em' room and let them learn. A mean face or horn blowing can really upset them... so be patient :)

Do you remember learning to drive ? Who Taught you ?

Do you have children learning now ?