We hope you enjoyed Skycam 927's video of the Insane Inflatable 5K at Six Flags Great Adventure this past Saturday. It was a lot of fun to get unprecedented access to the Safari and aerial access to Kingda Ka and some of Great Adventure's other signature rides. Unfortunately, the day didn't end well for the WOBM Drone.

You see, the brand of drone that we use - the DJI Phantom 2, has a pretty useful feature - when the battery runs low or the drone loses contact with the remote controller, the unit automatically "returns home", or flies back to the last location where the GPS was calibrated.

The only problem is, if you move from where you calibrated the GPS to a new location, the unit will still "return home" to the last place it was set up. On Saturday, I was so involved with trying to get great footage that I didn't think about how much I was moving from where I'd set the unit up, to where I wandered to.

As the drone was flying, the battery level got to the critical point, and the drone decided that it was time to land where it was last calibrated. The only problem was the fact that there was a large group of trees between where I started and where I was.

And, once the Phantom decides to "go home", there's no stopping it. There was no stopping what happened next.



While it was a pretty brutal landing, the good news is that it's fixable (it won't be cheap, but it is fixable). And, in the end, I learned a valuable lesson - if you move far from where you start, always recalibrate the GPS!

And, in the end, I got the shot!