September was a cool and dry month across New Jersey.

Peter Macdiarmid, Getty Images

Temperatures averaged 1.8 degrees below normal, 64.4 degrees for the month, which made it the coolest September since 1994 and the 40th coolest overall. On average 2.4 inches of rain fell across the state, which was 1.67 inches below average and resulted in the 30th driest September on record for the state.

"We had the second wettest summer on record during June, July and August, so we can stand to have it a little dry for a couple of weeks in September," said Dr. Dave Robinson, New Jersey State Climatologist at Rutgers University. "We only begin to worry about it with short-term impacts if we were to go through the next couple of weeks with mild and dry weather. That would lead to some concerns over short-term soil moisture and potential fire dangers, particularly as the leaves fall and the grass becomes dormant."

For those keeping track, New Jersey also had it's first freezing temperature of the season which was recorded in Walpack in Sussex County on the morning of September 24.

"That's the only place in the state that got at or below the freezing point in September," said Robinson. "Some locations did see some frost."

As for the next few weeks, it looks like it'll be pretty mild and a bit more wet.

"Long range outlooks for the next one to two weeks suggest that we may become wetter once we pass this weekend and get into next week. We will likely maintain a mild pattern that's just getting underway and have a little more moisture to deal with after we get through a handful of upcoming very nice days," said Robinson.