Hard-working. Respectable. Honest. Goal-oriented.

Those are some of the words that have been used to describe this week’s Warrior of the Week: Specialist Benjamin Springer.

Point Pleasant Boro’s 22-year-old SPC Springer has been in the Army since 2010, and continues to serve in the Reserves based in Fort Dix.

Lisa Miller, his girlfriend, said that she nominated SPC Springer as a “warrior” because of the pride she has in his accomplishments.

SPC Springer joined the military at 17 years old, right after graduating from Point Pleasant Boro High School in 2010.

Before the military, SPC Springer was already helping others as a junior firefighter at the age of 14.

He still volunteers as a firefighter for Point Pleasant Boro Station 75, said Miller.

“While other people his age are still trying to figure themselves out, he’s always worked hard to get where he wants to be,” said Miller.

Within the same year of enlistment, SPC Springer was deployed to Haiti for one month.

He went to police academy in Long Branch soon after deployment and graduated as a Class 2 officer, said Miller.

SPC Springer went on his second deployment to Afghanistan in 2013.

While in Afghanistan, he served as military police, but recently transferred to the Criminal Investigation Division, said Miller.

SPC Springer was worn in as a patrolman for Red Bank on Wednesday, March 26.

“This has always been his dream job,” said Miller. “I’m so proud that he was able to accomplish this goal.”

He plans to continue his time in the Reserves while he works as a patrolman, work at the car wash, and go to school.

SPC Springer is pursing a degree in criminal justice with Thomas Edison State College online and eventually wants to go to law school, said Miller.

“He works hard but enjoys all of it,” said Miller. “He loves serving his country.”