Brave. Sweet. Risk-taking. Well-rounded.

Those are some of the words that have been used to describe this week’s Warrior of the Week: National Guard’s Sergeant Joseph Przybysz.

Currently on his second term in the National Guard, Toms River’s 29-year-old Sgt. Przybysz served overseas in Iraq twice as an Army Medic.

Rose Daddino, his aunt, said that she nominated Sgt. Przybysz as a “warrior” because of  the pride she has in her nephew’s accomplishments.

Sgt. Przybysz was promoted to sergeant just six months into his first Iraq deployment, said Daddino.

Graduating Toms River East in 2002, he has been in the National Guard for six years.

Sgt. Przybysz works as a medic for Fort Dix between serving on the front lines overseas, said Daddino.

Daddino said that even though he recently broke his foot, Sgt. Przybysz still goes to work as much as he can.

“He goes above and beyond to help people,” said Daddino.

Sgt. Przybysz assisted in rescuing a 12-year-old from a rip tide in Point Pleasant two years ago.

During Hurricane Sandy, he aided the National Guard for three days without sleep, and then went straight home to help his family, said Daddino.

“When he got home, he helped fix the floors of his mother’s house, then went right to his aunt’s house to fix hers too,” said Daddino. “We had to make him stop working to finally get some sleep.”

Daddino said that Sgt. Przybysz loves to surf, skydive, and mountain-climb.

“Joey’s a real risk-taker,” said Daddino. “He’s the only person I know that’s already finished everything on his bucket list.”

Sgt. Przybysz was recently accepted into the fire department, and plans to train for that as soon as his broken foot is healed.

“He really does it all,” said Daddino.