Generous. Caring. Kind. Gentle.

Those are some of the words that have been used to describe this week’s Warrior of the Week: Marine Corps’ Corporal Neal Prasad.

Pine Beach’s 43-year-old Cpl. Prasad served in the Marines for eight years.

He enlisted in the Marines in 1989 and was honorably discharged after his service in 1997.

Kimberley Prasad, his wife, said that she nominated Cpl. Prasad as a “warrior” because of the pride she has in her husband’s accomplishments.

He was in the infantry, worked with communications and was an instructor at Quantico, Virginia.

She said that once a year, Cpl. Prasad and his military friends meet up to reminisce and share stories for hours.

They talk about their time in Beirut, Panama, and Desert Storm.

“The camaraderie with his fellow Marines and the dedication to each other seems to be the main topic,” said Prasad.

Cpl. Prasad now focuses his dedication on his family, his towing business, and still helps others in need, said Prasad.

After Hurricane Sandy, Cpl. Prasad made sure people were able to get assistance with their car issues without charging, said Prasad.

In a letter from a local Sandy survivor dated from November 28, 2012, Cpl. Prasad is personally thanked for his efforts.

They talked about how Cpl. Prasad was “kind, honest, and reliable and went through extra lengths to help many people.”

“A great deal of credit needs to go to him for generously giving his services for free. He made a bad situation a little better,” they said.

Cpl. Prasad continues working in Statewide Roadside Assistance, his towing and roadside service company in Toms River.

He also loves boating and spending time with is five children, and volunteers to coach their various teams whenever he is able to, said Prasad.

“When I think of a military warrior my husband immediately comes to mind,” said Prasad.

“Neal has dealt with adversity and has protected and cared for his family like a true Marine.”