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My favorite actor made history last night.  Daniel Day-Lewis is now the first man to ever win 3 Academy Awards for "Best Actor."  If you were impressed by his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln and would like to see more of this amazing artist, please read on.  I'm about to list some of his films that I think are worth checking out.

"There Will Be Blood:"  This is the film for which he won his previous Oscar, playing ruthless, greedy oilman Daniel Plainview.

"My Left Foot:" In 1989 the Oscar went to Daniel Day-Lewis for his role as the paralyzed Christy Brown who only had use of his one foot.

"Gangs Of New York:"  This Scorcese film was hard to watch but demonstrates how much Day-Lewis gets into character.  As the violent "Bill The Butcher," I found myself covering my eyes to avoid looking at DDL (someone I usually LOVE to look at.)  Not my favorite of his films, but one that demonstrates what a chameleon this actor is.

"Last Of The Mohicans:"  This is the film that made him more popular here in America.  A exciting adventure and love story, with a hunky, shirtless Daniel Day-Lewis.

"The Age Of Innocence:"  The scene with him removing Michelle Pfieffer's glove is one of the most artful, seductive scenes I've ever seen.

"The Unbearable Lightness Of Being:"  One of my favorite books and films, this one tells the story of ladies' man who finally settles down.  This film is high on the "steamy-meter" so make sure the kids are not around when you watch it.

"My Beautiful Landrette:"  This was the first time I ever saw DDL on screen.  I remember lying in bed that night thinking how amazing "the actor who played the punk with the bleached hair" was.  I couldn't get the images of Daniel Day-Lewis out of my head.  It was 1987.

So as you can see, I've been following this actor's career for a long time.  How nice that lying in bed last night, my thoughts were how happy I am that the film industry again recognized such a gifted actor who keeps sharing his talents with us.

What's your favorite Daniel Day-Lewis movie? Please comment below.