I have this little room in our house that has this little tiny room after the garage was converted into a family room.  I guess the previous owners of the house had it for an office.

I turned this room into a paint room.  The walls were a neutral color so when we moved in I said to Abby this can be your paint room.  It's 4 walls of beautiful paintings done by Abby and her friends that come over right on the walls.  It's pretty cool, because when her friends come over they always ask if they can paint in the paint room.  It's a creative way for kids to express themselves.  I like to call it the wall of feelings.  It's a huge hit and I love it.  And it makes Abby smile and it's definitely a conversation piece when people visit.

If you have an extra wall somewhere in your home and your kids or grand-kids love painting .... try it!