Students and alumni of Toms River High School South plan to gather at the school's football field Thursday night, to commemorate a graduate who was the victim of a weekend fall at West Virginia University. 

Sean Guthrie (courtesy Sara Nicole Whitman, Facebook)

Sean Guthrie has been on life support at J.W. Ruby Hospital in Morgantown, since falling about 20 feet from the roof of the Kappa Alpha fraternity house, according WVU News Director April Kaull. It was first reported by WDTV in Morgantown.

Guthrie is in his third year of study, pursuing a degree in engineering.

Investigators determined that Guthrie slipped while attempting to re-enter the building through a window from the roof, where he had been smoking a cigarette at about 4:15 AM.

Alpha Rho, a branch of the fraternity, held a vigil Monday night..

Details of the Thursday vigil are posted on Facebook. Additionally, a Gofundme page has been created to collect funds for funeral expenses.

A similar incident involving a Toms River South graduate at the same university occurred in 2012. Brian Weithenauer died after a fall from a platform outside a second-story window of an off-campus apartment during a party.

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