Car vandalism plagues Manchester. Police say five residents in the Pine Lake Park section have reported damage to their vehicles since June 28.

The damaged vehicles were parked near the owners' homes. On June 28, tires were slashed on the 1200 block of Commonwealth and a rock smashed a car window on the 1400 block of Fourth Avenue.

The siege continued July 1, 3 and 5, when a rocks were tossed through vehicle windows on the 1800 block of Third Avenue, the 200 block of Cumberland Avenue and the 600 block of Montgomery Avenue, respectively.

At police prompting, those with security cameras are poring over images that reflect suspicious activity. But police urge anyone who can help foil vandals before they strike again to use the confidential anonymous tip portal on the Manchester Police web page. Phone tips can be called in at 732-657-6111.