Not that you need reminding but today is Valentine’s Day which for some is one of their favorite days of the year while for others is simply a horrible excuse for a holiday.  It’s a day often filled with tremendous pressure to come up with the right gift, whether you’re in a new or serious relationship and even for us married people.  Often on this day hearts are broken when one person buys a gift that shows love and the other gives one that is more indicative of a friendship…what a dilemma.  Plus you have those who are single and lonely and this day is just a reminder of what they don’t have.



If you think about it the hype for Valentine’s Day began just after Christmas and it’s been promoted endlessly in recent weeks by those who figure to gain the most….florists, jewelers, chocolate and candy makers, restaurants and of course the fine folks at Hallmark Cards.  Even is a rough economy we are expected to spend over $15 billion on Valentine’s Day this year….that’s more than $100 from each U.S. consumer.  Who will spend the most?…believe it or not it’s married people with children who will spend about $70 on their spouse and more on gifts for their kids, friends, co-workers and even pets.

180 million cards will be exchanged during this holiday as it’s the second most popular greeting card-giving occasion behind only Christmas.  About 58% of us will send at least one card and many will procrastinate and wait until the very last moment.  Truthfully there is nothing funnier than watching men rifle through what’s left of cards today in pharmacies and other stores as the pickings are often very slim.


Nearly half of Americans will give candy with most of that being chocolate which has been associated with romance since the 15th century.  Of course don’t forget those little chalky hearts with messages like “be mine” and “kiss me”; more than 8 million of those will be made this year.  Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are the biggest holidays of the year for giving flowers and about 110 million roses (mostly red) will be sold and delivered over this holiday.

By the way a common misconception is that the Valentine’s Day Massacre took place in 1929 in Chicago.  That might be the best-known but actually this takes place every year and features men who sign cards with “fondly” or “your friend”, buy cheap chocolates, single roses at convenience stores or worse yet…forget the day all together.