"How r u?"
"k u?"
"k thx"
Does that "conversation" make sense to you? If so, you're comfortable with texting shortcuts. But do you think it's gotten a little out of hand?

Back in the early days of cell phones, you had to type, "4-4-4, 6-6-6, 9, 0, 2, 7-7-7, 3-3, 0, 9-9-9, 6-6-6, 8-8" just to say "how are you" so it made a lot more sense just to type "how r u". But these days a lot of us have smart phones with full keyboards so it's a lot easier to type just like you'd type with a computer keyboard (ok, but just a little bit smaller).

I get the fact that a lot of us multitask and have to get things done quickly, but it's easy enough to type a full word rather than leaving out a few letters...is it really that much more work?

So how about you? Do you prefer to use shortcuts when having a conversation over text or do you take the little bit of extra time to type out full words? Vote in our poll below and feel free to leave a comment!