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Popcorn Park Zoo


They don't make em' any nicer than these two lovely ladies folks. Meet Goldie and Sasha, two inseparable sweethearts that are hoping to start life over in a wonderful, forever home. These two had a home, but were given up due to their owners health issues and living arrangements. They were quite scared and shaken up when they first arrived, but they have come out of their shell and are now making themselves comfortable, and making lots of friends. Goldie is a 5 year old shepherd mix and her good friend Sasha is a 9 year old shepherd who is blind. Sasha has been blind for quite a while now and gets around quite well, but she does count on her friend Goldie to let her know that everything will be okay. The girls are both so well behaved and sweet. Goldie is very outgoing and makes friends easily. She is strong and playful, and always has a smile and tail wag to greet everyone. Sasha is a little more reserved, probably due to her blindness, and is a little shy at first, but if you go slow with her she will let you pet her and one scratch behind the ear and you'll be her best friend. Both girls are at a great age where they will transition easily into a good home and not need much training. They don't seem to mind other well behaved dogs and would prefer a quiet, peaceful home where they can relax and enjoy themselves. The girls are quite bonded, so we will be looking for a home where they can stay together forever. Please open your heart and home to these beautiful'll be so happy you did.

1 Humane Way

(off of Lacey Road)

609 - 693 - 1900