These are a cute pair---Do you have a forever home for Cici and Paco?

Popcorn Park Zoo


Imagine how it must feel to be taken from the only home you've ever known, and brought to a place where you don't know a soul.....not knowing what went wrong.  Pretty lousy feeling, huh?  Well, that's what our little friends Cici and Paco were feeling when they came to stay with us.  Cici, a 6 year old female long haired Chihuahua, and Paco, an 8 year old male Chihuahua, were brought to us due to a divorce in the family.  It seems no one could take the little pair, so here they are, wondering when it's time to go home.  Cici and Paco are an adorable little pair but they are somewhat shy and confused.  We have welcomed them with open arms and have made them as comfortable as can be.  They have settled in but it will take them time to get adjusted to a new life.  They are both extremely well behaved and just love people, and love each other as well.  We wouldn't dream of separating this bonded pair, so we are looking for a home for them where they can stay together forever.  Cici is deaf, but she gets around perfectly fine.  They both get along fine with other well behaved dogs and cats, and would prefer a home with older, mature children.  They are loving, affectionate, and the perfect little companions.  They're even housebroken, what more could you ask for?  Please consider opening your heart and home to this deserving little pair.

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