Wow, I'm just amazed how beautiful their eyes are.  Cool cats of the day, Colossus and Sven, are ready for their forever home.Is this a cute pair or what?! Believe it or not, Colossus, the handsome little orange guy and Sven, the sleek black beauty, did not come in together, nor did they ever lay eyes on each other until just recently. Colossus is about 8 months old and came in as a stray several months ago. Sven is about 8 years old and was a stray himself, that has been with us for many months. Since the boys were quite easy going and get along great with other cats, they were put out in our free roaming area at different times. Once the two met, they became the best of friends! Sven took little Colossus under his wing right away and began cleaning him and cuddling with him, and Colossus just loved the attention. Now the boys are best buddies and hang out together all day, socializing, sunning themselves, and snoozing. They would make a wonderful addition to any loving family together as well. These are just two of the beautiful cats that we have that paired up together and would love to spend the rest of their lives together. If you are looking for two cats to add to your family, our staff are experts are pairing up perfect combinations like Colossus and Sven. Come on in and meet our resident cat expert, Jay Cat, and he will make sure you find your feline companion(s) that will fit perfectly into your life. Ask to meet our brothers-from-another mother, Colossus and Sven. We know you'll love them!

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