Let's be honest, ever since Snooki and crew invaded Seaside Heights a couple of summers ago, Ocean County has been the butt of jokes. But come on, even you, Rachel Maddow?

On her show last night, Rachel talked about Governor Christie's visit to Manahawkin earlier this week. While pronouncing Manahawkin like she was trying to order off of a fancy French restaurant menu, she commented,

While technically true (Manahawkin is a "census designated place"), Manahawkin is a pretty important place for us here in Ocean County.

Manahawkin is the gateway to, arguably, one of the premiere family-friendly vacation spots in the Northeast, Long Beach Island. So while Manahawkin may be "teeny tiny", scores of people travel across the Manahawkin Bay Bridge every Summer on their way to their vacation destinations.

In fact, if you want to get on or off the island, you have to go through Manahawkin.

So hey, Rachel, I'd like to formally invite you to come check out Manahawkin for yourself. You might even find that you like it. Come on down this Summer, I'd be happy to show you around. The only warning that I would give you, if you decide to talk about it on your show after a wonderful visit, you might want to be careful to pronounce "Ship Bottom" clearly.