Remember all those fears about a repeat of the 2011-2012 winter this year? Well now that the latest winter has come and gone, we can say…to no one’s surprise…it was warm and for the most part, nearly snow-free.

Dave Robinson, the State Climatologist at Rutgers, says this winter was warm. He says when you look back to December, and now through March, it will go down as one of the warmest periods on record in the state.

Robinson says it was the fourth-warmest winter on record in Jersey, and the records date back to the late 19th century. He says the snowfall of October 29th turned out to be the biggest snow event for the season, far at least, and that actually occurred before the winter began. Robinson says we had some snows scattered throughout January and a little bit in February, but they did not add up to what we saw in central and northern sections of the state in that late October storm.

Robinson says February was dry and March is headed in the same direction. He says that it very well may come out as being the warmest December through March period on record.

Robinson says we are not going to be setting a records, and for that matter, even if we hadn’t had the October snowstorm, it would not have been a record low.

For the record, the warmest Jersey winter occurred in 2001/2002. The least snowy winters were in 1972/73 and 1997/98.