A corporal on the Tuckerton police force is free on $15,000 bail, charged with official misconduct and aggravated assault.

Corporal Justin Cherry turned himself in to Ocean County investigators Wednesday, according to information from the office of County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato, which indicated also that his lawyer, Robert W. Rosenberg, was present.

Cherry is accused of trailing a 57-year-old Barnegat woman's car from Tuckerton to Barnegat on January 29, letting a K-9 dog attack and bite her in the parking lot of the Barnegat Municipal Complex, and omitting the incident from his reports, investigators said.

Authorities say the woman was driving through Tuckerton and failed to stop for Cherry after he activated his emergency lights. She stopped her car in the Barnegat lot and was apprehended by two officers of that township.

Cherry is alleged to have let the dog loose and later falsifying his documents afterward.

Investigators did not offer information on the victim's identity, why Cherry initiated the pullover attempt, the extent of her injuries, or if a civil suit would be pending.