Yes maybe weird, but they possibly work...and right now, let's face it, we need something to cool us down.

According to Daily Mail, these are the weird things that will keep you cool this Summer!  A couple of them look good, and I'm going to try them:

**Run your wrists under cold water for 10 seconds.

**Get Hot Salsa, Usually spicy foods cool you down...really?

**Keep your lotion in your refrigerator, so when you put it on, it will be cool.  I like this one, I will definitely try this one.

**Turn off the TV, TV generates a lot of heat.

**Put your mattress on the floor, it's always cooler on the floor.

**Eat Frozen Yogurt instead of ice cream.  Yogurt has a higher water content that helps to keep your body temperature down.

Wow, who knew?  Some of these might actually work!  Is there one that you will try?

How do you cool down?