The arrest of former Toms River Mayor Carmine Inteso also brought with it more allegations of it may be  linked to Toms River, and a current board member believes the case could reveal even more impropriety.

Toms River Board Member Alex Pavliv only found out about the news of Inteso’s arrest Monday, and while he hasn’t spoken to any other board members about it, however he was intrigued by the coincidence of the former mayor’s arrest occurring so closely with the postponement of former Toms River Superintendent Mike Ritacco’s sentencing on tax evasion charges.




“I was intrigued by noticing that Mr. Ritacco’s sentencing was postponed and the fact that Federal Hill Risk Management and Gartland were named in another bribery matter in Toms River, so I found something interesting there.”

For Pavliv, who was elected to the board after Ritacco’s tenure, recapturing the trust of residents is vital and continually seeing the allegations of corruption only makes things more difficult.

“At one point I said this was like peeling the layers of an onion it just curious-er (sic) and curious-er (sic) as you peel those layers apart and where this ultimately will lead nobody knows but it seems there is going to be much more to come.”
He notes this will be a “black eye” for the Township.

“They changed the name from Dover to Toms River a few years back but maybe they should have looked at ‘crookville’. Might have been more appropriate.”

Adding the presence of Federal Hill Risk Management is assumed, and that “wherever Gartland appears cancer follows," said Pavliv. “We’re starting to make some changes in the right direction, whenever something like this happens it doesn’t do us any good. It just brings us back into the eye again.”