The strange saga of the allegedly haunted Toms River home continues to get more strange. As you may remember, about two weeks ago, news came out about a family who were renting a home in Toms River. They claimed that they were terrorized by spirits, fled the house, and filed suit against their landlord. (For a full recap, here's the original article).

Meanwhile, the national media descended on Toms River.

As the local media, and local experts on the paranormal, we were hoping to be able to get a little more information and possibly conduct an investigation of our own along with the Garden State Ghost Hunters.

A number of us here at Townsquare Media, from myself all the way to longtime and well respected local broadcasters Bob & Marianne Levy, attempted to work our local contacts. Emails went unanswered, phone calls went unreturned, and we seemed to hit a wall with trying to gain access to the story.

And then we learned something interesting...apparently The People's Court has approached the parties and offered to settle the dispute on the long running daytime courtroom show (which would, most likely, require all parties involved to agree not to allow access to any other media entities).

So, unfortunately it looks like the national media and national exposure will trump local interests in this case (sound familiar?).