Let's be honest, this story has gotten ridiculous. I was just talking to Marianne Levy yesterday and we both agreed that the last thing this story needs is any more publicity. So why am I giving it any? Well, I'll be frank, I want one last word about the whole thing.

First, in case you've been living under a rock, here's the quick summary:





• Couple says (very publicly) that they are terrorized by strange and possibly paranormal happenings in the home.

• Couple flees home and asks to be released from their lease and have their security deposit returned.

• And...in short...everyone sues everyone else.

As you know, I'm involved with the Garden State Ghost Hunters and our series here at WOBM.com, Ocean County Paranormal. So obviously this story caught my attention. But then we hit a brick wall. No emails, phone calls, or other attempts to reach out to any parties were being returned.

In my opinion, the whole thing is a little fishy. In my experience with investigating private homes, people usually don't want a lot of attention. They don't want their friends and neighbors to think they're wacky, they don't want a stigma attached to their home, and they just like to keep a low profile (which, by the way, the Garden State Ghost Hunters absolutely respect. You'll notice a number of investigations listed as "undisclosed location" or "private home" on their investigations page).

So that was the first thing that made me a little suspicious, the fact that this became very public very quickly.

Then there was the money. The tenant sues, the landlord countersues, etc. When money is involved, I also get suspicious.

And then there was nationally syndicated daytime TV, which was the last straw for believability in my mind.

Again, as I mentioned in an earlier article, I have not been to this house, I have not investigated this house, I can not make an official opinion as to whether this house has paranormal activity or not (another note, GSGH will never say that a house is undoubtedly haunted on a single investigation), but the last place I'd expect a terrorized family to go, is to see Judge Milian on national television.

In the end, if I'm going on my gut, I have to guess that this included something between money issues, desire for publicity, and maybe, just maybe, a small grain of truth.

If publicity was the goal from the beginning, I'm slightly ashamed to say, we've been just as guilty of enabling as everyone else.

Oh, and for the record, as of last check, 48% of you say that this is the weirdest NJ story of the week. So interpret that how you like.

And that is the last I have to say on that*