As TV shows return for their new seasons and new shows premiere, it's always an interesting time of year. Some will thrive, some will quickly disappear, and some will take a little while to catch their stride. Of the new shows, Fox has rolled out two that are getting a lot of attention, "Alcatraz" and "Touch".

"Alcatraz" premiered their first two episodes last week as a two hour block, and then re-ran them again this week. The general premise is that former inmates from The Rock, who were presumed dead, are returning (as the same ages when they disappeared) to continue their crime sprees and avenge wrongs that were perpetrated against them. The always excellent Sam Neill plays the obligatory agent from a Mysterious Government Program, who clearly knows more than he's letting on. When I say that's the general premise, I really mean it. There's a lot going on here.

As a J.J. Abrams production ("Lost", "Fringe", "Alias"), you know things are going to get complicated and you're going to have to keep a close eye on things. I have to imagine that there will be both complex, ongoing story lines as well as self-contained stories in each episode. "Alcatraz" is already on it's weekly, Monday at 9pm timeslot.

I wasn't sure what to expect with "Touch", Keifer Sutherland's first big star vehicle since "24". I felt like the

show started out a little slow as we were introduced to the main characters; Keifer Sutherland's single dad, Martin, and his autistic 11-year old son, Jake, who is obsessed with doodling the same number sequence over and over again. The episode jumped from Martin's frustration with trying to figure out what Jake's number obsession is all about while dealing with Child Protective Services, a man who's lost cell phone has been traveling the world, with people leaving pictures and videos on it at each stop, a former NY Firefighter who has been playing the same lottery numbers since 9/11, and a Middle Eastern boy who gets mixed up with terrorists while trying to save his family's bakery. Without giving too much away, we learn that the numbers that Jake has been scribbling tie them all together in a pretty powerful way.

The big tease with "Touch" was the fact that we have to wait until March for the series to continue. I don't know if I'm completely pulled in yet, but it definitely caught my attention enough that I'll give it another look to see where they take it.


So what did you think? Did you see either or both? If so, which would you pick if you had to choose a favorite?