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The Future of Europe.

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After the $80,000,000,000 taxpayer bailout of GM which was supposed to save American jobs but, was used to shore up the union pension fund which was bankrupt. We just found out that GM just built 11 manufacturing plants in China. Now 70% of all GM cars built in the world are now built in China with more plants being closed here and those jobs outsourced. So much for Obama saving American jobs. Truth be told, he doesn't care about American jobs and yesterdays announcement legalizing 800,000 illegals to compete for what few American jobs are left proves the point. This action will push back any hopes of job recovery. His statement earlier in the week about a 10 year recovery certainly proves it. I believe his next move will be a major war, believing it will insure his re-election. CNN and Washington Post both reported this week on his moving major Naval and Air Force assets to the region to attack Syria despite Russia, Iran, and China promising to defend Syria. China alone has 200,000,000 men under arms Russia 3,000,000, and Iran 1.5 million. We now have, since he cut 1/2 million men, less than one million. Time for a big gulp.  Written by Chris from Arizona

Obama War Machine Announces Invasion of Syria.  Check out the web site here

NJ Senate Bill 0220, 2012-1213   Summary: Changes various provisions of "New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority Act."

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