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Barack Hussein Obama has signed Executive Orders giving him the power to declare MARTIAL LAW in America!

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Government "Whistleblower" Says Obama IS Planning to Declare Martial Law -- Click below to DEMAND Congress STOP Obama's "Emergency Powers" Executive Order:

ALERT: A government "whistleblower" inside the Obama regime has blown the lid off of why Barack Hussein Obama has recently signed Executive Orders that give him the power to declare martial law across America!

Obama, through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other agencies and "czars," is plotting a major "Reichstag" event to generate racial riots and produce the justification for martial law, delaying the November 2012 elections... possibly indefinitely!

A DHS whistleblower informed the Canada Free Press "that the DHS is actively preparing for massive social unrest inside the United States. He then corrected himself, stating that 'a civil war' is the more appropriate term. 'Certain elements of the government are not only expecting and preparing for it, they are actually facilitating it.'"

What is Mulatto?

Sports betting coming to NJ.

Christie’s second N.J. Supreme Court nominee Bruce A. Harris,  would be New Jersey’s first openly gay and third African-American justice, should he be considered by the Judiciary Committee May 31. That’s four months after Christie nominated him, and two months after the panel rejected Phillip Kwon, Christie’s first nominee.