So do you put off cleaning ? We have some classic tricks!

A recent study reveals we’re not good at keeping things tidy. One-third of homeowners can go more than three weeks without cleaning house, and a third also lie about it, according to Wakefield Research. Cleaning is such a chore that 70% of those say assigning tidy-up tasks causes more arguments than who controls the TV remote.

So the shortcuts people take to eliminate smells or hide messiness shouldn’t be surprising:

It's amazing how we have come up with these tricks to get out of chores lol

  • Closing off a room from guests (46%)
  • Hiding clutter in closets (44%)
  • Replacing a rug or carpet (34%)
  • Dusting with their hand (28%)
  • Throwing something away instead of putting it back (27%)
  • Purchasing a new trash can (26%)
  • Replacing a couch or another piece of furniture (17%)

DO YOU CHEAT ON CHORES ? C'mon be honest ! ;^)