Are you always tired? Is it hard to get through the day without feeling exhausted both mentally and physically? Join the team. So many people struggle with low energy and often rely on coffee or energy drinks just to keep moving. We have partnered with NJ Nutrishop to discover the most effective ways to boost your energy. There are a lot of quick fixes out there that claim to increase energy, but if you’re looking for natural, fail-proof solutions to feeling sluggish, check out this list of the Top 5 healthy ways to boost your energy!





1. Exercise

Contrary to popular belief, exerting more energy when your body feels tired is a great way to actually increase your energy. Going for a daily walk around the block or heading to a local park to run, bike, or hike is a perfect solution to gain momentum for your day and escalate your energy to complete other tasks. For this reason, many people start their day off with exercise before going to work or doing anything else.


2. Take Daily Vitamins and/or Supplements

There are several solutions to help increase energy that can easily be found at your local vitamin store. Vitamin B-12, especially when used within multivitamins like Nature’s Fuel, is an excellent source of energy. Although B vitamins are found in food, the body often lacks enough of these and therefore taking supplements can help. Other great energy-boosting (and fat burning) supplements include Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen, CLA (try Thermovex for great results), and for athletes, the supplement NO XP3 is great for increasing energy while also building strength and endurance.


3. Eat Healthy, Whole Foods

The formula to fighting feeling fatigued when it comes to your diet is simple. Drink more water and less soda, alcohol, and sugar-filled juices. Eat more whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and less junk food, fried food, and less amounts of red meat. When snacking choose nuts, veggies, fruits and grains over chips, cookies or candy bars. Not as simple as it sounds for your schedule? Try the supplement Nature’s Fruits and Greens, packed with 6-9 servings of fruits and vegetables that work together to boost energy fast!


4. Take “Power” Naps

The feeling of exhaustion usually means that your body and/or brain is literally fatigued and in need of rest. It’s important not to ignore this by getting the rest needed to keep you fueled for the day. For most people, the appropriate amount of sleep each night is vital to daily performance. For those who constantly push their brains and bodies to the limit, regular napping (for about 60 minutes) can increase energy and alertness.


5. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Get a head start on your day by not only eating breakfast, but by supplying your body with the nutrients and grains that it takes to set a positively fueled tone for the entire day. Without food, your body and brain feel exhausted and sluggish. With foods loaded in sugars, your body experiences a short-lived burst of energy but then sets into a lethargic rest, often putting you in a bad mood for the day as well as not regulating your daily appetite properly. Remember, your body has had nothing for about 8 hours, hence the need to “break” the “fast”, so be sure to practice healthy eating first thing in the morning! Choose a variety of foods from the five food groups and you’ll be energized to seize the day!


Of course, caffeine is also a source of energy that many people commonly use to get them going for the day. However, maintaining a healthy diet, taking vitamins and/or supplements along with regular exercise and plenty of sleep has been shown to increase energy.  So if you’re running on empty, get up, grab a healthy snack and get energized!

Have other  great ways to boost your energy? Leave a comment below! This post was sponsored by with two locations in Brick and Wall Township, NJ. Use the code “Nutrishop” to get 15% off your online purchase.