Recently I was reading an article on "eat this, not that" which outlined the most unhealthy foods on the planet! The worst of the worst. So I figure it's simple, avoid these foods and you'll feel and look better. Of course I'm not a doctor (disclaimer), just giving my two cents and using a bit of common sense. Take a look at the "10" worst and see if you agree. Share your thoughts even if you disagree, usually makes for better conversation these days.

Worst Foods

  1. Coffee Creamer
  2. Bleached White Flour Bread
  3. Fruit Juice
  4. Diet Sodas
  5. Deep Fried Foods
  6. Bacon & Sausage
  7. Sugary Cereal
  8. Frozen Entrees
  9. Restaurant Desserts
  10. White Sugar

I must say I agree with this Top 10 and try to avoid all these items except I enjoy dessert after dinner when we go out, so that's one I'd take off, but we don't go out to dinner every night lol. I gave up taking cream in my coffee and it did make a huge difference, I actually enjoy "black" coffee more so now. Bread is definitely a weakness for me and that I do miss, but it is a definite "no-good" food, especially if white flour is involved.

What's Your Weakness on the List?

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