So, as a lot of you know I have a 10 year old.  This past weekend with the bombings-- it was way too close to home.

Unfortunately it is the world we live in and if there's anything we can teach our kids--it is kindness.  The kids of today see everything right away and want everything right away.  They get all their answers they think they need from their phones.  They can't get kindness from their phone or their computer.  Math is important, literature is important, and history as well, but to teach a kid to have a caring heart is what this world truly needs.  An open heart full of kindness, it's hard to find sometimes.

When it came to telling my daughter about Seaside Park, it was in passing.  I'm a very honest person, for the most part, and with Abs I try my hardest to be the honest I can.

I look into the face of my child and there's pure innocence.  She's at the point of learning curse words and coming into her own body but how do I say to my child that a person wanted to hurt other people with a bomb in a trash can?  All she wants in her life right now is to get her nails done and dance with her friends.  How do I tell this child that just wants to be silly and brings and wants pure happiness, that there is a person that wants to hurt people with a bomb?  It's not real, it's something she hasn't even seen in a movie yet.  How do I tell her this is real?  This is reality?  Why is this real?  I don't even have those answers for her.

My job in life is to keep her safe and hopefully she always feels safe, I hope and pray I can do that for her.  It scares the crap out of me everyday.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media


But it's so important for me to try to be very positive with her about life and what great people can do to make this world a beautiful place.

How did you tell your children?  Did you tell them?  Is there a certain age?

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