The suicide of Hollywood icon Tony Scott yesterday has shocked the pop culture world. But as we learn more details today, it brings up tough moral questions.

According to reports, the Top Gun director had recently been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.

Reports also say that he did leave behind notes, but understandably the contents have not been made public.

While the contents of the notes haven't been released, we can probably come to the conclusion that his suicide could very well have been related to this devastating diagnosis.


UPDATE 8/21 - Some entertainment news outlets are reporting that the stories about Tony Scott suffering from an inoperable brain tumor aren't true. While this doesn't change our interest in your opinions on the topic of "right to die" issues, we do feel that it's important to keep the information on this case as up to date as possible.

Assisted suicide is a topic that has been in the international news a lot lately, and it's a topic that's been polarizing opinions for decades.

So today we're asking, do you think we should have the right to choose when to end our own lives if a terminal illness is involved? Remember, voting on our polls are always anonymous. If you do choose to comment below, as with all highly charged issues, please be considerate of your fellow readers and listeners and keep comments respectful.