Two Toms River 18-year-olds face charges related to burglaries that plagued the township's Georgetown section.

(L) Matthew Maffie and Stephanie Rapp (Toms River Police)

Matthew Maffie and Stephanie Rapp were apprehended on August 7 in connection with lootings that occurred between July 25 and August 5, police said.

Maffie is charged with burglary and theft and is currently free on $10,000 bail. Stephanie Rapp is charged with receiving stolen property and was released on a summons.

Police believe that Maffie broke into homes, taking jewelry, electronics and cash, and that Rapp sold stolen items at gold-buying businesses and pawn shops. Authorities speculate that as many as a half-dozen houses were involved, and say that most of the goods have been returned to the owners.

According to police, a witness's partial license plate identity given to investigating Officers Ryan Cummings and Daniel Ruiz led them to Maffie after they matched the vehicle to one in the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission's database.

Detective Louis Santora contributed to the investigation.