A Toms River man facing multiple drug charges also reinforced his house to bar entry, say township police who conducted a raid this past Tuesday.

Andrew Pelletier, 30, was charged with maintaining a fortified residence in addition to possession-related charges for oxycodone, methadone, marijuana and drug-related items.

According to information from police spokesman Ralph Stocco, officers found the Greenwich Court dwelling reinforced and barricaded, and outfitted with counter-surveillance equipment.

Drug Enforcement Administration agents from Newark and Atlantic City also took part in the warrant search that stemmed from a cooperative probe, police said.

Police said they also seized ketamine, more than $4,000 cash, and a BMW 750 believed to have been used in narcotics distribution.

Pelletier's bail was set at $150,000 with no option for release on payment of 10 percent.