I've become such a fan of music videos that feature senior citizens dancing and singing along to pop music. I love watching their free spirit in videos where they show to the world that they can still be hip and cool. I am a firm believer that age is only a number, and everyone should be able to have a good time (no matter their age).

A few weeks ago some Toms River seniors living at Brandywine created a video to a Flo Rida song called 'My House.'

Brandywine Living via YouTube

The song is about opening champagne and enjoying his large house with loud music and fun times. Brandywine's seniors did exactly that! They popped champagne in the video, shook foam pool noodles in the air, and shook (empty) plastic glasses in the air. It looks like some of the staff at Brandywine even joined in the fun.

The video was produced as a part of Brandywine's celebration of "Keep Connected Week." “Keep Connected” encourages assisted living communities to support opportunities for residents to use the latest communication tools to engage with the world around them, according to their website.

The video will definitely make you smile. It put me in such a good mood. I can't wait to see what you do next year for Keep Connected Week.

Great job, Brandywine residents!


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