A Toms River 68-year-old can expect to spend at least 15 years in prison when he's sentenced September 26 for sexually abusing a 15-month-old boy and transmitting the images over the Internet.

Rodford W. Brindley pleaded guilty today in a Trenton federal courtroom to one count of exploitation of a child, according to information from the office of New Jersey U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman.

Details of documents and statements descrive online chats between Brindley and an Ohio law enforcement officer whom he thought was a parent.

Investigators say Brindley "engaged in sexually explicit conduct" with the todder he was minding in his house, and streamed the encounter as it happened over the Internet, watched by undercover police in Ohio.

Brindley's sentence carries a mandatory 15-year minimum prison term and a maximum of 30 years, along with a possible fine as high as $250,000.

Working with investigators in Fishman's office were detectives in Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato's office, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department in Ohio, and the FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force.