Looking for something to read this summer? How about a paranormal murder mystery written by a local author. Scott Wieczorek of Toms River, has released his second fictional thriller online titled "Witness Through Time".

Wieczorek says his novel is about a break in a fictional cold case involving the

disappearance of four girls in a small Maine community by a hapless and gifted visitor who actually witnessed the fate of these girls in her dreams.  "and through these strange visions she learns that the girls themselves, they weren't runaways, they were actually brutally murdered."

He says the lead character "Glory Parker" was inspired by his late mother, who was into the paranormal. "The name Glory, actually was my mother's middle name was Gloria and she was always a great inspiration for me."

Wieczorek says he began writing his first novel at age 15 and encourages other young writers persevere. "Just keep at it. Keep doing it. Don't let anything deter you just work as hard as you can at it and don't be afraid of rejection because a rejection helps you hone your craft."

Wieczorek is a professional Archeologist by trade. He graduated from Lacey High in 1993 and attended Monmouth University.

Wieczorek's first novel is, "Byron: A Zombie Tale" is a young-adult horror story told from the zombie's own perspective. He says there are lots of references from the Monmouth University campus Both books are available online in paperback and Kindle editions through Amazon.com and createspace.com.  Get more information about Wieczorek at his blog spot Here.
Listen to a conversation with Toms River author Scott Wieczorek

Author Scott Wieczorek