A few weeks ago I was at the Route 37 Plaza in Toms River and noticed that the prominently placed Atlanta Bread restaurant was closed. It wasn't only closed, but practically gutted as well.


The interior of Toms River's former Atlanta Bread restaurant (Photo by Justin Louis)

I was talking to a manager of one of the neighboring stores, who told me that it was almost as if the restaurant was open one day and closed for good the very next.

We're getting a bit more insight now, thanks to Patch, who report that a company spokesman attributes the closure to the highly competitive fast-casual dining landscape in Toms River.

But the good news is that if you felt like you were left holding valueless gift cards and loyalty points, the Brick Atlanta Bread location will be happy to pick up the slack.

The article notes that all gift cards purchased in Toms River and all loyalty points accrued can be used at the Brick Plaza location.

So the next big question will be, what replaces the prime location in the Route 37 Plaza? We'll keep an eye on it and let you know!


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