Today (Friday) Lawmakers in Trenton will vote on the proposed gas tax, they will vote on a 23 cent "gas tax", which will be used to improve roads, rails and bridges here in the Garden State. Question is do You support this move? Seems one of the big questions people will ask is... will the money get to where it's suppose to?


We do not have a huge mass transit system here in Ocean County, so does this effect how you feel about paying more at the pump. The gas tax would jump from 14.5 cents to 37.5 cents a gallon. Without any unforeseen problems the gas tax hike will take effect immediately.


I think the idea is good, IF we start to see change. Will we start to see improvements on our commute? or will we keep bouncing down the road on highways that are worse then dirt roads ? It'll take some time, but lets hope the money WE spend goes to helping our commute.