Maybe the only think as surprising as Donald Trump being elected President of the U.S. is the reaction of those that were and are clearly opposed to him.  At some point all the protests over his election will end but I don’t understand them to begin with.

We in a free society have the right to vote leaders in and out of office and last Tuesday the nation cast their votes for Trump while at the same time voting Hillary Clinton out.  I know she was not holding any office but didn’t you kind of feel like she was? After all she was often referred to a Secretary Clinton and along with her husband part of the Washington scene for thirty years.

Back to the protestors for a minute who were often young people and I’m sure many just following for the sake of following.  What were they protesting?  I guess that their fellow Americans did not agree with them but again one-man, one-vote spoke and the protestors did not like what they heard.  Do they expect Trump to step-down as the President-elect because of this?  I’d also be curious to know if ALL of them voted because my guess is many did not.

Less than a week after the election here is what is clear.  Trump won 30 of the 50 states and outside of most major cities captured about 90% of the counties in the country.  Like it or not he was the choice of a majority of America although again I will always feel this was more of a referendum on Clinton than anything else.

The time for protests is over.  Most of us have some anxiety over a Trump White House and that’s understandable considering the tone of his candidacy.  However the election is over and it’s time to move on.