Folks who visit the beach in Long Branch will get a visual reminder of the ongoing fight against cancer. Monmouth Medical Center has just launched its 'Roll Out The Ribbons Campaign' along the boardwalk.

Roll out Ribbons Campaign, By E. Brennan Monmouth Medical Center

Portia Lagmay-Fuentes, with the Leon Hess Cancer Center, says the community will be encouraged to write a personal message on purple ribbons to tie along the 'Promenade of Hope' to symbolize a united front in the fight against all cancers.

"They will tie in a purple ribbon to say anything you want. To acknowledge your loved one, or a friend or a family member. You will tie the ribbon on a promenade and it will look like little flags waving in the wind."

Organizers say the roll out the ribbons campaign also strives to educate the public about early detection and prevention.

As a nurse working in the field of Oncology for 18 years, Lagmay-Fuentes says she's seen better medicines to treat patients going through chemotherapy. She says the cancer survival rate is also increasing.

"It's exciting that we're actually celebrating life. It's not 'okay, lets identify all the cancers.' we're also identifying those patients that survived the cancers, they're still here. Lets celebrate them."

Lagmay-Fuentes says they'll also be working with local businesses to prominently display campaign posters, provide free ribbons and a donation collection canister near the cash register.

She says free ribbons can also be obtained online at