Three suspected heroin overdoses in 12 hours in Toms River raise questions of whether the same batch is the source.

Police say they're trying to determine if a specific narcotic or uniform distribution network is behind the Narcan rescues in a house, parking lot and motel between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

Clinically known as Naloxone, the serum counteracts the effects of narcotics abuse and maintains a user's vital signs until hospitalization. Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato's program trains police officers - usually first to respond to overdose calls - to administer the medication.

Families are also learning how to do so, most notably in Lacey Township, where 18 families have taken training.

According to authorities, a 26-year-old woman in an Oak Ridge Parkway dwelling was reported unresponsive by her boyfriend at 5:45 PM Wednesday. .

Within 45 minutes, police were sent to the lot of The Office lounge on Main Street, where a 24-year-old man was unconscious in a car. Police say a woman companion who drove him there from Bayville suspected that he was under the influence of a behavior-altering substance.

Thursday morning at 6:35, police discovered a 32-year-old man unconscious in a bed at the Sun and Sand Motel on Route 37.

All three were revived with Narcan on the spot and later treated at Community Medical Center, police said.

Authorities say Narcan was administered in two other cases in the past two weeks.

If you are aware of drug distribution in Toms River, police urge you to reach them at 732-340-0150, extension 1272.