The action in Atlantic City is usually found in the casino’s or shopping outlets, but during the Atlantic City Air Show on Friday it’s clear everyone’s attention was pointed at the sky.

The five hour show wowed over seven hundred thousand spectators with performances ranging from World War II planes, emergency rescue choppers, and the ever popular US Air Force Thunderbirds jet team.

This was the tenth year the “Thunder Over The Boardwalk Air Show” occurred in Atlantic City, and the event draws massive crowds into the city from all across the country—and even the world.

For many people the Air Show is a tradition going back almost the entire ten years, and for others it’s a relatively new tradition taking shape.

“This is our second year” says one woman enjoying the performance, “and we will be back every year.”

Some visitors arrive early in the morning to stake out a spot along the beach to get a good vantage point to see the five hours show which starts before noon and goes on until 4:30 in the evening.

It’s the first year the show was featured on a Friday, instead of its usual Wednesday due to a scheduling issue with the Thunderbirds.

For anyone without their head tilted towards the sky it’s clear to see the massive public safety presence throughout the boardwalk and into the city. State police joined local units, along with EMS personnel, and CRDA Ambassadors. The yearly event is a culmination of almost a year of planning amongst personnel, starting almost immediately after the Air Show ends.

In addition to being the Ten Year Anniversary of the Show, it also was a chance for the CRDA to show off the city after its first summer of redevelopment.

“There’s been a big change…the housing…and I think the security is much better.” Noted one visitor.